"Ant Lion" nails "Rabbit With Gun".

Dirtbags Tanks is a game in which you pit your coding abilities against other hackers. You write a program for your tank, set it out on the battlefield, and watch how your program fares against tanks written by other players. Dirtbags Tanks is frequently a component of Dirtbags Capture The Flag.

Each tank has a turret-mounted laser, two treads, up to ten sensors, and a diagnostic LED. Sensors are used to detect when other tanks are inside a given arc. In the examples on this page, "triggered" sensors turn black. Most tanks will take some action if a sensor is triggered, such as changing speed of the treads, turning the turret, or firing.

Tanks are programmed in Forf, a stack-based language similar to PostScript.


You may read the source code in your web browser if you prefer. The original Python version from 2010 is also available.

To clone the git project:

git clone http://dirtbags.net/projects/ctf/tanks

Email List

There are many people doing interesting things with tanks. If you'd like to talk to them, you're encouraged to join the email list.

Other Versions

Everybody loves tanks! If you've made a port or done something fun with it, please let me know and I'll link it here!