"Ant Lion" nails "Rabbit With Gun".

Dirtbags Tanks is a game in which you pit your coding abilities against other hackers. You write a program for your tank, set it out on the battlefield, and watch how your program fares against tanks written by other players. Dirtbags Tanks is frequently a component of Dirtbags Capture The Flag.

Each tank has a turret-mounted laser, two treads, up to ten sensors, and a diagnostic LED. Sensors are used to detect when other tanks are inside a given arc. In the examples on this page, “triggered” sensors turn black. Most tanks will take some action if a sensor is triggered, such as changing speed of the treads, turning the turret, or firing.

Tanks are programmed in Forf, a stack-based language similar to PostScript.

Other Versions

Everybody loves tanks! If you’ve made a port or done something fun with it, please let me know and I’ll link it here!


Neale Pickett neale@woozle.org